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Counterfeit JVC products are being sold within the United States. These products do NOT perform to JVC specifications and are not covered by any warranty from JVC. We are working with US Customs and other organizations to stop the import and sale of counterfeit products in the United States. To ensure the product that you are buying is Genuine JVC we recommend purchasing only from an authorized JVC dealer. A list of authorized dealers can be found at this LINK on our website.

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Audífonos inalámbricos - HA-W600RF
  • Especificaciones

    Stereo Speaker 
    Headphones  HA-W600RF 
    Transmission Area  164ft(50m using JVC measurement system) 
    Carrier Frequency  900MHz 
    Driver Unit  1.57"(40mm) 
    Frequency Response  25-13,000Hz 
    Power Supply  Rechargeable Ni-MH battery (DC1.2V) x2 
    Battery Life (approx.)  10 hours (using Rechargeable battery) 
    Weight (without cord)  8.82oz (250g) 
    Accessory  AC adaptor, Connection cable x2, Plug Adaptor 
    Power requirment (Transmitter)  DC 12V 
    Weight (Transmitter)  9.82oz (280g)