In ear Ear Bud

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  • Premium XX Inner-Ear Headphone

    The HA-FR301 is the most powerful and stylish Xtreme Xplosives earbud. Large, 10.0mm neodymium driver units deliver the ultimate bass sound. The one-button mic/remote provides convenience.

    HA-FR301 Price: $39.95

  • Extreme Fitness Headphone

    The HA-ETX30 Extreme Fitness headphone provides the soundtrack to your active life. Pivot motion fit makes them secure and comfortable. They are not only waterproof, but washable.

    HA-ETX30 Price: $29.95

  • XX Inner-Ear with Mic/Remote

    Xtreme Xplosives inner-ear headphones reproduce powerful & dynamic deep bass sound and feature a 1-button mic/remote.

    HA-FR201 Price: $29.95